Currently Reading:

Currently Reading:

I am currently reading this by the amazing Darren Shan. I have been addicted to this series for the last few months in between reading other titles I was desperately waiting for.


Animal Genre

The Heartland series of books is a lovely series to read.  Lauren Brooke creates a great setting and some very likeable characters.  The books are about Amy Flemming and her family who live on a horse ranch.  Her mother is a gifted and respected horse-healer and is training Amy to follow in her footsteps.  I love how over the series of 21 books the characters develop and how Amy copes with healing sick and damaged horses while still trying to have a normal life with friends and school.  I recently watched the TV programme based on the books and enjoyed that as well but I will always prefer the books.

Definitely a series to read if you like horses, animal stories, family stories or just want to read a good series of books.

First Post

Hi, My name is Beth Khalil and I am an avid fiction reader of most genre’s.  I have worked in libraries for 23 years and there is nothing I like better (apart from curling up with a good book) than promoting great books to excited young readers.

I will be using this WordPress blog to share with you my world of reading.  I will be looking at authors, series, genre’s and sharing some ideas of how we promote reading to our students.

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