Summer Reading 2014

I have read a lot of YA fiction this past year and so have tried to choose a mixture of genre’s and styles for my summer reading.

I have a list of books, some of which will be read fairly quickly within a week or so and some may take the whole summer to get through.

Week 1

Americansavage bubble goingdutch historian RIOT Various

Week 2

Hauntdead librio mybrother

Week 3

exposure graveyard stately

Week 4

farrock mockingbird

Week 5

hanginggarden oceanlane

I am really looking forward to reading and reviewing these books!


Read Wishlist February & March

bones r forever    scream   killerswoman in black      wanderer   rainbows

Bones are Forever I have been waiting for patiently for months.  This and Code (Virals) by Kathy arrived at the same time and I was torn between which to read first.  I have finished Code and am now ready for a bit of Temperance….

Invasion of the Normals by Tommy Donbavand is the next book in the Scream Street series which I am totally enjoying!

Darren Shan is an amazing author and I am addicted to this series.  I am looking forward to starting Killers of the Dawn.

I am going to read The Woman in Black because I enjoyed the movie and some of our 6th formers have told me how much better the book is so I thought I’d give it a try. 

I have just started reading The Wanderer by Sharon Creech. This got wonderful reviews and I loved Ruby Holler so thought I’d try another by her.

I just finished The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern over the Christmas holidays so I wanted to read another of hers straight away. Where Rainbows End sounded interesting so I chose this!

Whatever you are reading this month-enjoy!

Mister Creecher

This book started a little slowly but once I got into the story it was really good.  I loved Billy’s character and i really like the references to the classic books in it.  I like Chris Priestley’s style of writing and even though i am not a huge fan of historical fiction I liked the story and the way Frankenstein’s monster was portrayed.  A very good children’s book and well worth a read.

Trisha Ashley


Twelve Days of Christmas

Trisha Ashley
I read this in a couple of days and really enjoyed it.  It was a feel good Christmas story with lovely characters although it dragged a little towards the end and when the story concludes as you suspect it will it only lasts 2 pages.  I also thought that she just slipped the adoptive thing in just so the story could reach the conclusion it did.  But saying that, I did enjoy the story and it left me feeling very festive and looking forward to Christmas with the family.

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Discovering Jenny Colgan

0meetI recently started reading Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe by Jenny Colgan.  It is a really nice light-hearted read.  I liked Issy’s character and Austin’s.  I liked the fact that even though things kept going wrong for Issy, she always bounced back and did her best to make her life work.  I liked the relationship she has with Austin and disliked Graeme intensly.   I have read Where Have all the Boys gone before and enjoyed it but that was quite a while ago.  I am looking forward to reading Christmas at the Cupcake Cafe hopefully before Christmas.

Read an excerpt from this book here :

Animal Genre

The Heartland series of books is a lovely series to read.  Lauren Brooke creates a great setting and some very likeable characters.  The books are about Amy Flemming and her family who live on a horse ranch.  Her mother is a gifted and respected horse-healer and is training Amy to follow in her footsteps.  I love how over the series of 21 books the characters develop and how Amy copes with healing sick and damaged horses while still trying to have a normal life with friends and school.  I recently watched the TV programme based on the books and enjoyed that as well but I will always prefer the books.

Definitely a series to read if you like horses, animal stories, family stories or just want to read a good series of books.